Wynland Laboratories is now part of NviroTek Laboratories (Pty) Ltd, also a SANAS accredited testing laboratory, and is now known as NviroTek Wynland Laboratories. All our personnel and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

For more information visit the laboratory at 54 Church Street, Wellington, Western Cape, 7655 or call 021 873 3514

Please click on the button to go to the NviroTek Laboratories group’s website

Wynland laboratory in Wellington is a SANAS accredited laboratory which has been offering accredited microbiological analyses to the food and processing industries for  several years. Wynland is also accredited for chemical analyses on water, soils and plant material.

Wynland Laboratorium word geklassifiseer as 'n noodsaaklike diens en sal dus oop wees gedurende die inperkingstydperk.

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Ons nuwe adres:  Kerkstraat 54, Wellington

Quantum laboratorium (Malmesbury) word ook nou deel word van Wynland Laboratorium.

Veevoer analises sal dus binnekort by Wynland Laboratorium gedoen kan word!

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