How to sample:

effluent water:
tap water:

Soil Sampling Procedure for Chemistry

Clean plastic bags or containers can be used for sampling

Sampling procedure:

  • Do not remove any surface debris

  • Always use clean tools/equipment, it should not have any rust on it (eg. shovel

  • A shovel width of approximately 30cm is adequate

  • Dig a hole of opproximately 30x30x30cm of soil. Discard the first shovel full.

  • Take your sample, shovel full from the same hole and place in a clean container. Seal immediately.​​

    • 1kg should be sufficient, except when the soil sample contains a lot of stones a minimum of 2kg soil sample should be adequate (please contact the lab if there is any uncertainties regarding sample size).​

  • Please label all samples as descriptive as possible - include sampling site and date

  • Samples must be sent to the laboratory within 1-2days after sampling

  • Please note:

    • incorrect sompling procedures may lead to inaccurate results.​

    • Soil analysis takes 3-4 working days longer due to sample preparation before analysis can commence.

  • Turn-around times for soil analysis is 10-14 working days (including sampling preparation)